NEW LOL Surprise Doll Series 2 Little Sisters 7 Layers of Surprise

During a weekly toy run around town we happen to spot the Series 2 hard to find LOL Surprise! Dolls. Immediately, we grabbed the ball out of the box since it is like impossible to get these. These happen to also have 7 layers of surprise just like the Series 1s.

Along with our Series 2 purchase, we also saw a “SMALLER” version glowing bright. WUD right away picked one up and said, “MINE!”

It was the Lil Sisters ball version which has 5 layers of surprise instead of the usual 7. This was perfect for WUD since she is my little sister.

The difference between the 7 layers vs the 5 layers Lil Sisters ball is listed below.

1) Secret Message
2) Collectible Stickers
3) Accessory
4) Accessory
5) Doll

We decided to also unwrap one of our Series 1 LOL Doll to see a comparison between the newer version and the before.

Watch the video of us unwrapping these to find out if they change in color as well as spit, cry, or even pee.

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