Unboxing American Girl Truly Me Accessories

Less than a week ago, American Girl released the summer releases including a revamped looked for the Truly Me Doll line. The dolls look even more modern now with the new Truly Me Accessories. Today we will be showcasing how the accessories look and feel to the eye.

The line comes with the following items:

-Lavender sweater with a glittery star logo
-Blue leggings with purple zigzag design at the ankle
-Glittery silver headband (Shown as a Feature Image Above)
-Pink flapped wrislet
-Phone case
-Library card
-American Girl gift card
-5 x 1 dollar bills

We will start with the leggings first. It is soft and comfy to the touch with an added accent of purple zigzag lines at the ankles.

Next we have the new cell phone or smart phone how ever you want to call it. The cell phone comes with a total of 4 changeable screens. Seen below is the everyday lock screen. Protecting the precious phone is a silicone gel like case which has an insert for the doll to slip her hands in for extra grip.

Now lets move on to the wristlet. The wristlet has a flap that holds the whole thing together so that things don’t go falling out while taking a stroll.

The inside has pockets that hold valuable things like the American Girl gift card, library card, and dollar bills.

While we showcased everything that came with the accessories, for a whole picture look of the doll please watch the video below. It shows the unboxing as well as detailed look at every item.

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