Unboxing My Mini MixieQ’s Pet Store Mini Room Playset

Our pet toy dog, Barky went to the Mini MixieQ’s Pet Store today. Barky got groomed as well as had fun around town. For this set we had a ton of fun.

We decided to unbox the pet store to play with it and show you our collection. There were enough MixieQ playsets that we built a town town. The funnest part of the set was our character, “Barky,” that we mentioned earlier.

You can find the following MixieQ’s in the video at the end.

– My Mini MixieQ’s Pet Store Mini Room
– My Mini MixieQ’s Beauty Salon Mini Room Playset
– My Mini MixieQ’s Cafe Mini Room Playset
– My Mini MixieQ’s Toy Store Deluxe Mini Room Playset

Here is Barky the dog. He is in the pet store playing with toys.

In the pet store there was a green snake that you can see. Can you find the pet mouse?

For a whole look at what is around town check out our video below.

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